fDeck: Graphically beautiful flight instruments

X-Plane Plugin

Our X-Plane plugin allows you to use the popular flight simulator, X-Plane to drive the fDeck application instrumentation and map display as if you were flying a real aircraft.

When connected to the X-Plane flight simulator, fDeck uses X-Plane as a data source instead of using the internal GPS and sensors of your device. This enables you to add additional instrumentation to your flight simulator experience, or practice using the app from the comfort of our own home. Assuming you have installed, configured and have X-Plane running, follow the steps described below.

Instructions to connect fDeck to X-Plane:

Ensure the device that you are running X-Plane, and the device you are running fDeck on are both connected to the same network.

Step 2:
Take a note of this device that is running fDeck's IP address

Step 3:
In X-Plane, open Settings/Network and expand iPHONE, iPAD and EXTERNAL APPS, then select 'Transmit to a single mapping app' and enter the IP Address as noted above. That's it! You should now be seeing X-Plane data in fDeck.

The functionality to connect the fDeck app to X-Plane for a period longer than 5 minutes is a premium feature of the mobile app.