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X-Plane Plugin

Our X-Plane plugin allows you to use the popular flight simulator, X-Plane to drive fDeck application instrumentation and map display as if you were flying a real aircraft. The plugin is provided free of charge, although the capability to connect the fDeck app to X-Plane for a period longer than 10 minutes is a premium feature of the mobile app.

The fDeck app will automatically tune NAV1, NAV2 and ADF1 in X-plane based upon the slaved instrument slots set in the app.
For example, if you set 'X-Plane Nav 1 slave' to 'Slot 1', then whenever you tune a VOR in fDeck slot 1 it will also change the NAV 1 frequency in X-Plane!
The fDeck app will also drive the slaved instrument OBS setting. If you change the OBS for 'Slot 1' (using the example above), then in X-Plane the Nav 1 OBS will be set to the same OBS setting.


  • Download the plugin using the button at the top of this page.
  • Find the file downloaded in Step 1 and double click on it. A folder named 'fDeckXPConnector' will be extracted.
  • Copy the entire 'fDeckXPConnector' folder to the X-Plane plugins folder
    • the location of your X-Plane plugins folder will be dependent on where you originally installed X-Plane
    • typically this is located at ..\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins.
  • Re-start X-Plane.
  • Verify that you have correctly installed the plugin by checking it is listed on Plugin Information screen in X-Plane.

Instructions for use

Using the plugin is very simple. The plugin publishes location, attitude and pressure data to the fDeck app.
You can choose to send/not send each type of data using the plugin options.

In X-Plane:

  • Open the fDeckXPConnector plugin - select Plugins/fDeck:Connector/Configure in the X-Plane menu
  • Press the 'Connect' button. Congratulations! You have successfully connected the plugin to our cloud service.
  • Make a note of your 12 character unique ID (hint: it is shown in yellow)

In the fDeck app:

  • Goto any instruments slot settings by clicking the slot settings icon in the top left of the instrument
  • Click the app settings icon top right in the menu bar
  • Click 'Connect to X-Plane flight simulator'
  • Enter your unique ID that you noted down above into the 'X-Plane connector ID'
  • Toggle the 'Connect to X-Plane' switch, all being well - X-Plane and fDeck are now connected!

You may connect multiple/as many fDeck applications to a single instance of X-Plane.